Welcome to this portfolio website!

This website functions as a showcase for pretty much everything I create and, in particular, my media design. Here you'll find a great variety of projects I worked on; games, applications, artworks, essays and whatnot.

To present this variety of material, I created this website from scratch. The key feature of this website is the possibilty to choose the kind of work that is presented. Perhaps you are only interested in my Flash related projects or just my Artworks? This website allows you to filter the content and thus look only at those projects that interest you.

Rather than just adding my very best work, I chose to add some older and lesser works as well. I believe in a focus on progress and education and want to show what I think of the works that I made in the past, by applying the knowledge that I have now. To present this progress more clearly, I added a timeline view.

I still have some more features and fixes planned for this website and there will be updates soon. Click on the version number that's displayed on the lower bar to see a list of known issues and upcoming features and feel free to report any problems by going to the 'About Me > Contact' section and filling out the email form.

I hope you will enjoy my website!